Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Skyler started Basketball

 Skyler has now entered the world of basketball and he really enjoys it.  He could have started out last year, but Jordan thought that it was too young.  I on the other hand think, if most kids are starting this young it will be harder for him to really get into it if he starts out much later and doesn't know what he is doing.  He is a decent dribbler, now that Jordan has spent some time working with him - it wasn't so pretty in the beginning.  But he is not super strong moving the ball up and down the court.  He shy's away from the ball (after getting hurt a few times) under the net, but he greatest strength right now is stealing the ball.  He literally just watches for his chance to take the ball from another player, and he is pretty good about not fouling the other players.  I have a lot of fun watching him, and I am excited to be able to play in the driveway this spring and work with him. 
(Skyler is number 1)

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