Thursday, February 23, 2012

Travel the world Shower

My older Brother recently married the perfect girl for him! He is still in school, so they do not have a ton of extra money and were not going to go on a honeymoon. I suggested that I throw them a shower and see how far we could send them. Soo, a few weeks before the wedding we threw them a travel the world shower. We asked gusts to just put what they could in the jar, and we would see how far they could go. We were able to send them to Vegas for 7 days (which is where they wanted to go) To decorate I just borrowed different items from friends and their travels, the Gym looked great. For food, I tried to represent as many places around the world as I could, pasta for Italy, wontons for Asia, toquitos for Mexico.

I made little shot glass mouses that were super cute and yummy. We had it as a couples shower so that Eric would be there as well (most of the people in Calgary would want to support him) so we played some fun games. We had a bunch of guys all give Taneil a kiss on the cheek while she was blindfolded, and she had to guess which one was Eric. We went around and every time someone rolled doubles they got to pick a prize, then the next time around if someone rolled doubles they got to steal a prize - to represent Vegas and a little dice game. We also played a game called I never. You go around and take turns saying I've never... and then everyone who has done that before needs to eat one of their candies. In the end, the person who has the most candies left wins a prize.

In the end my goal was achieved of sending them on a honeymoon, and I think that they were pleased with the help.

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