Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fabulous Getaway

Just to pass on some of our excitement. We were pushing it kind of close heading up to the airport because we wanted to see the kids off in the morning. We pulled up to the airport and realize that we forgot the passports! and not just one, but all 3. A phone call to my dad, and he going 145 up deer foot, a West Jet employee who put in false passport info to get us checked in and through customs while my dad was racing up, and then helping us to move to the front of the security line, and ultimately the plane being held about 5 minutes so that we could leave on that flight, we made it onto the plane where Ryley decided to scream for the majority of the flight, but once we were there is was soo worth it!

We had so much fun in Arizona Last week. These 2 fun Couples Joined us for a fantastic time.

Nick had some sweet family connections and got us Free passes to golf land. Sun Splash wasn't open yet, apparently 30 degrees Celsius is not warm enough for pool time, but there were 6 water slides, bumper boats, extreme go-karts, our choice of 3 mini golf courses and an arcade. We could have spent a few hours longer there going back and forth, but alas night time came, and we had to make it back to the house.Ryley was finding it a little warm, but she was a trooper and was pretty good for the duration of the trip!

We had a lot of fun shopping
each of us finding some fun treasures, and getting a good laugh while we were at it. even Ryley had some good finds.

The guys got board after about 1/2 and hour, so they caught a show.

On Sunday we decided to go for a picnic at the Cacti forest. Does that sound like a bad idea to anyone else? somehow we all thought it was a good idea until we found somewhere to stop and realized that Cacti are not very soft, or friendly plants although some of them are super cool looking!Ryley had her first bonding experience with Chloe, oh they are going to be great friends!Games night was a blast, always fun to see who is competitive, and who was not.Jordan decided to have a nasty looking root beer float with root beer ice cream topping in it.
not for everyone, but I guess if you love root beer...
The boys took in a game of golf at the local course which sported an island greenour trip was finished off with a Phoenix Suns playoff game, which was spectacular, and one of the highlights of the trip for me. A huge thanks to my Mom and Dad for the accommodations, and helping with our boys so that we could go on this trip, and a thank you to my in-laws for their help with the boys and getting us off on our flight!

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Bree Johnson said...

i love the picture of your foot and the cactus- I'm still laughing over it! I need to do something for your parents to say thanks- whats there fav cookie?