Monday, March 24, 2008

So here is my first actual attempt at a blog. My goal is that I can keep another copy and have a sort of digital journal with photos and all. I guess a good way to start would be to tell about our Easter. Skyler asked me for about a week before Easter, every night before bed if the Easter Bunny could sleep with him. When he broke one of the easter eggs that he decorated - the Easter bunny was getting apologies for days. He is only 2 1/2 and I think that this year is the first year that he is starting to realize what all of these holidays are. Easter morning started off with a very happy boy realizing that the Easter Bunny had come while he was sleeping, and there were baskets full of candy on the table
We had 3 of my brothers come over for Breakfast and to see what the Easter Bunny brought them of course
Skyler got to do an Easter egg hunt and excitedly told me that he found "candy under the The, under the piano, and in the potty corner" To clarify, there was no candy hidden in the bathroom, it was on the floor in a corner near the bathroom. We were able to go to our busy young ward for church, and then ended our day at grandma and grandpa Nielson's where we ate a delicious turkey dinner, and got to do a second easter egg hunt. Skyler even got to go on a walk down to the pond with his Aunt Jocelyn, Uncle Jess, and baby Holli (Skyler thinks every baby should be named Holli) Overall it was an enjoyable day, and there were some things that I would like to do again next year, some things that I wish were done this year, and some that we will not repeat, but we love the holidays, and loved being with our family!

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Grandma Debbi said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Melanie....its about TIME. Found u on kristys!!!